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Black Cover

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A snug fitting cloth cover suitable to be used with your Toniebox player.

Perfect for changing the color/design of your music player whenever you like. It is also made to keep your music player protected from the natural grime that comes along with being a child's favorite toy.

How to put your cover on:

  • Slide the cover on from the bottom up with the side seam lined up with one of the corners of the box if preferred. The larger hole is the top of the cover.
  • Tuck the elastic in under the square plastic on the top of the box, pull the cover down until it is tight on the box, and then tuck the elastic under the round edge on the bottom of the box. (see video for example)

Cleaning Instructions:

  • remove the cover from your music box
  • wash with like colors
  • dry on delicate settings
  • keep in mind that this item will wear similar to clothing with each wash and should only be washed when dirty in order to preserve the life of the fabric

Listing is for a single cloth cover only.