Submit a Design

Submit all design by email to:

What to consider when submitting a design:

  • Color: Make sure your design is in black and white only. Everything black will be the part that is cut out of the stencil.
  • Quality: Be sure to have an image that has clear lines and can be printed at the size you want without becoming blurry.
  • Sizing: Let us know what size you want the finished design to be or if you simply want it as large as the stencil will allow. Keep in mind that you need to leave at least 1/2" space on all sides. If you need an exact size, please send the design as a pdf set up with actual size.
  • Order #: Always submit your order number with your design so that we can be sure to attach it to the correct order.
  • We will send a proof within 1 business day for you to approve. If any changes need made, we will send another proof. Once approved, stencils ship out within 3 business days!
By submitting a design, you agree that you own all rights to the image you provide. - Artwork submitted for our custom products are assumed to be of ownership by the customer and not infringing on any copyright laws. Vintage Autumn is not held liable for reproducing artwork that is not owned by the customer. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to know the artwork's usage rights.