New Year, Same Me - Choosing Awareness

New Year, Same Me - Choosing Awareness

Well, it is a new year! You know what that means right? It means that everyone around you is making crazy goals, probably to lose weight (insert a slight eye roll because that has been me in the past and I am still pleasantly chunky), and now you are questioning what sort of year you are looking forward to and what you might want for yourself in that time. But guess what, it is OKAY to not have any idea what you specifically want or want to change for the following year. You can choose to want a better year without labeling it OR sharing it on social media and it will all be okay.. really, nobody will mind.

Me personally, I don't usually set personal goals at the beginning of the year because I don't think there is a specific time in your life that you need to decide to change something that is toxic. I can choose to start a diet on a Wednesday in September or exercising on a Tuesday in July! What!?... yes you heard that right, I can be a little crazy and not do that normal New Years Day or even Monday goal setting. I mean, who needs that kind of extra pressure on a Monday! I feel like this crazy goal setting trend has set us up for the mindset that if we fail right off the bat in the new year (which many of us do because we set goals with no plan, but again, I am speaking from experience), all of the sudden the year is shot. ITS NOT THOUGH! Every day is a new one! ;)

With all of that being said, there is one New Years trend that I am slightly in love with! It is not a goal trend, but an awareness trend. So, what is this magical thing that I speak of that could change your life? It is the idea of choosing a single word for your new year. The best part, it can be any word that resinates with you and your life! It is simply a reminder in your every day life that there is meaning to the things that you do or choose (which yes, can be goals throughout the year). How awesome is that!? Seriously guys, this is a word that you can stick on your vision board, the background on your phone, or maybe even the alarm to start your day! Really, stick it anywhere that you feel you need reminded or made aware of the choices in your life and what effects they have.

So, then there is this huge question of how to choose that single word, I mean come on there are a few to choose from out there! First and foremost, think positive. Nobody needs a negative word plaguing their every day. Then, figure out what your want to focus on in your life and maybe even adjust to make your life better in the new year. Again, this is not a goal! So think general and think positive! Here are a few I have seen: Joy, Family, Re-New, Focus, Strong, Aware... Any of these sound like something that would fit your life and what you need a daily reminder of? If not, no worries, head to google and you can find all kinds of strong words!!

Now let me be honest with you guys, I thought about this a lot over the holidays... or maybe that is obvious since it is over a week into the new year and I am just now writing this... but I wanted to pick out a word that suited me in all aspects of my life. Ooo.. there it is.. that thought that crossed my mind and brought me to an even bigger realization! I have soo many aspects of my life!! Anyone else out there juggling their life? If you are a mom and answered no to that last question, I admire you. That is a super power I wish I had because I think this juggling act has pretty much been my life's story for years now. I am a mom, daughter, wife, entrepreneur, equestrian, sister, and so much more! Whew.. its a bit overwhelming as I label them because each roll comes with its own responsibilities!

Without further ado, here it is!! My word... BALANCE! Ugh, such a struggle in my life and one of the main sources of my unhappiness when I allow myself to fall out of balance. So what better thing to focus on and be aware of than staying in balance in my life?!

SIDE NOTE: In case you did not realize this, that little peace sign so many people wear (or used to wear... that makes me feel old) with the yin/yang is all about this concept and not just the basic symbol many people think it is. If you ever get a chance, look it up! There is always something new to learn!!

So what am I doing in 2019 with my "word", I am remaining aware of the importance to do the little things that keep my identity balanced and keep my time balanced! As a mother, I have found this idea of balance to be very fragile and a never ending struggle. I often tend to lean one way or the other and the truth is, that ends up with me feeling like a failure in some way because I neglect one of my roles in life. So I am going to stick that word EVERYWHERE and simply use it to be more aware of my choices.

My hope is to rebalance myself in a way that nurtures each of those areas of my life that are so important! Now here is where we get back to that pesky thing of goals! Throughout the year, in order to be mindful of balance through my choices, I will of course need to implement so many small goals like organization, setting routines, and more, but one reasonable step at a time and we can get there one day at a time, even if you start in the middle of the year!

It is time now for you to find your word and your awareness! I hope it is a good one and may 2019 be everything you hope for!

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